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    • High Precision StitchStitch length can reach 0.1mm controlled by stepping motor. The stitch length adjustment function can be locked just in case of the operator’s misoperation
    • High Stitch Overlapping RatioOverlapping stitch can be perfectly realized in any stitch length, front and back thread remaining lock function is available
    • Variable Stitches, Fashionable and BeautifulDifferent sewing stitch is available based in different material requirements. Editable patterns enable more fashionable and beautiful stitches
    • Noiseless Reverse Sewing, Quiet and ComfortableStepping motor controlled reverse sewing structure by scientific design achieves noiseless reverse sewing, which enabled a quiet and comfortable environment
    Jack A4E
    • Improved Backtack System
    • Electronic Control Stitch Length
    • Perfect for High End Garments
    • Extremely Quiet and Low Vibration